Helping veterans find new careers

Our Goal

Help more veterans find meaningful employment.

The Situation

Veterans possess a unique set of skills that make them highly marketable job candidates. Yet, many qualified veterans struggle to market themselves for civilian jobs.

What We Did

Our team's approach to improve the digital experience and scalability of our client's services centered on smarter use of technology. Our Human-Centered Design approach involved a number of core components:

  • Discovery: This phase involved holding a number of workshops with our client and their users to fully understand the current veteran experience and the organization's vision and mission

  • User-Centered Strategy: The knowledge from our Discovery Phase uncovered pain points and opportunities related to the existing customer journey. This led to strategic recommendations about when, where, and how technology could be used to improve our clients existing services

  • Experience Design: Initial concepts and designs were shared with the client in a rapid iteration workshop during which the future vision and design of the solution were agreed upon

  • Execution: The team aligned on the optimal technology plan to deliver the overall solution based on the outcomes of our strategy and design sessions

How'd We Do:

  • 500 additional veterans served. More veterans were serviced in the first month because of increased effectiveness attributed to our solution. Far fewer people were starting the process but not finishing it.

  • 4% reduction in non-qualified leads. The non-responsiveness rate (window shoppers) was reduced.

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