A rainbow colored mural
A red and black wall with the silhouette of a girl in all black looking at her phone.
A close up of an old typewriter, with a focus on the red ink ribbon
Photo of blue sky, and the top of a sign post that is orange. On the sign post is a sticker that says 'Dat way'
A photo of a vegetable stand at a farmers market with orange carrots, beets, onions, and lettuce
An extreme close up of a yellow flower with a bee pollinating it
A picture of a frog half emerged in water surrounded by green lilly pads
A close up of a drop of water on a green leaf
A painted mural of a blue circle with various shapes that look like flowers.
A photo of a palm tree set against a blue sky. The photo is shot upward from the base of the palm tree trunk
A photo of a purple wall with someone wearing a purple checked shirt standing against it
A photo of a brown tree trunk, shot upwards looking towards the sky
An art sculpture consisting of brown rusty beams sticking out of the ground